BackGround Flash

"Русская версия"


Background flash - replaces the background of the page with a flash-movie.

The content of the site remains active. Clicking on the background will enable a transition to the advertiser's website.



Preparation (for developers)

You will need to prepare a flash-movie which will then be added in our interface using our template.

Note that a website with a liquid(flexible, stretching ) layout is not a good place for a background banner, because there is no way to determine the dimensions of our background picture.

Consider the fact that different users may have different screen resolutions. In effect flash-movie will be dispalyed differently for different users.

Consider this example: site content is 1000px wide. Let's create a flash-movie 1800px by 1000px.

The width of the contents remains the same for all screens and browser windows whereas flash looks differently. There are a number of screenshots to backup this claim.

"фоновое изображение размером 1800х1000px"

On screens with different resolution width site remains unchanged, but the flash-movie at a lower resolution will be uniformly cut to the left and right side. Below is an example of these differences for the site.

1280x768 resolution:

"Для разрешения 1280х768"

1280x900 resolution:

"Для разрешения 1280x900"

1360x768 resolution:

"Для разрешения 1360х768"

As you can see from our screenshots, increasing the screen resolution increases the scope of flash-movie. Our advise is the following: do not place any important media or visible elements at the edges of your flash-movie. It is best that edges are just a color or a gradient, this way event if the browser window cuts of some of the background all the information will still remain visible. Also mind that the central part of the movie will not be visible underneath site content. Therefore there is no need to place any information there.

Preparation of flash

Requirements for the development environment(Authoring tool):

1. ActionScript 2.0;
2. FlashPlayer 8.0.

What you need to prepare:

  • Flash-banner (*.swf), up to 300Kb;
  • Dummy image (*.jpg, *.png, *.gif), that will be displayed to those users who do not have a flash plugin installed.

Preparation of flash-banner

We count transitions using a standard getURL method. It has two parameters first one is transition link and the second one is target window. You will need to create two transparent buttons or movie-clips and place them above visible parts of the banner one to the left and one to the right. Place this code on both buttons:

on (release)
  getURL(_root.link1, "_blank");

The catch is that you do not use a direct link to the advertiser's site and rather use a link1 variable provided by our system. It contains a link to the advertiser's site and also allows our system to count clicks. This variable is passed to your flash-movie through FlashVars. You need no create it youself. A transition link itself is specified in our interface when the banner is added.

If you want to open the advertiser's site in the current window rather than a new one,change the second parameter of getURL method to "_self".

Last update: 07.06.2012