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HTML - based banner for mobile browsers.

Preparing(for developers)

Write HTML code which would show the banner. You may use built-in CSS styles.

HTML code will be put between tags during uploading on the site:

<div id="ADFOXHTMLTemplateBody" style="width: [width]; height: [height]; background: [background color]">
<a href="[reference]" target="[location where linked document is opened]">

Adding in ADFOX

When you add FullScreen banner choose correct banner type and "HTML [AdFox.Mobile]" template.
If there is no such template in banner type you should add it from the predefined templates.

Please specify next parameters:

  1. Transition URL (URL перехода) - specify a link to advertiser's site.

  2. Width (Ширина) - specify width of banner in px or % .

  3. Height (Высота) - specify height of banner in px or % .

  4. Link "TARGET" ("TARGET" ссылки) - is used to specify the location where linked document is opened: "_top" - opens the linked document in the current tab., "blank" - opens the linked document in a new window or tab.

  5. Background color (Цвет фона) - specify background color for banner's div in HEX (#ffffff).

  6. HTML code (HTML код) - insert banner's HTML code.

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