Code transfer

Code transfer (Проброс кода) — you can use template “Code transfer [loader]” (Проброс кода [loader]) to create banner with HTML-code or insertion code.

The template works in insertion codes which uses loader.js library only. That insertion codes marked “NEW” in the instruction.

The template transfers custom HTML-code into banner container. If code contains some scripts they will be executed in page context.

Click statistics doesn’t recorded for banner of that type.

Code requirements

1. Maximum number of symbols — 65 000;
2. JavaScript and CSS are preferable to locate in HTML code of the banner. If HTML code reaches the symbols limit, you have to reduce the code through taking JS and CSS out of HTML and putting it into standalone files:
- Save JS and CSS in standalone files with extensions .js and .css;
- Open tab “Files” in the ad campaign then add .js/.css files there.
- Copy the links of your files from the tab then insert them into HTML code.
3. You can set:
– custom HTML-code
– ADFOX insertion code with loader.js
– asyncronous insertion code from another AD platform (without document.write method)

It’s impossible to use template «Code transfer [loader]» (Проброс кода [loader]) with code containing document.write method. If your want to use HTML-code with that method, we strongly recommend to use template “HTML code [sync_async]”.

Adding banner in ADFOX

Use template “Code transfer [loader]” (Проброс кода [loader]) to add banner in ADFOX.
If there is no such template in Banner type you could add the template from predefined templates.

Specify the settings for banner:

Ссылка на промерочный пиксель — the default is ADFOX pixel // If you need to keep track in other system you have to delete ADFOX pixel and specify another link.
HTML код вставки — insert HTML code.
If you add ADFOX insertion code with loader.js library so it’s necessary to delete the string with library’s reference.

Example of usage ADFOX insertion code