Banner Slider Images [loader]


The template works in insertion codes which uses loader.js library only. That insertion codes marked “NEW” in the instruction.

Banner Slider Images - is the slider with image carousel.

- the number of slides is between two and nine;
- 3 options for URL referrer: one link for all slides / different links for each slide / without links (unclickable banner);
- two slide effects: flipping or changing through transparency;
- autoslide option - to make images changing when the banner is in the viewport;
- two variants for direction of movement: horizontal and vertical;
- visibility of buttons for slide changing;
- banner blocks have its own classes to change the styles of slides or arrows.



Images requirements

Prepare images for the slides.
Image is always fits into banner and sets in the center. If the proportions aren't equal there will be empty spaces (on the left and the right or on the top and the bottom).

We recommend to make the same size (width and height) for all images.

The image size can't be greater than limited. The default limit is the 300kb.

Event tracking

Events from 1st to 9th are for slide click counting.
If there's only one link for all slides the Event #1 will be called on every slide click.
If the link specified for every slide the event with according number will be called.

Events from 22nd to 30th are for slide impressions counting.
There is event tracking in the banner for each slide.
The slide impression is counted only 1 time for banner load.

Adding banner in ADFOX

Use template "Banner Slider Image [loader]" to add banner in ADFOX.

Specify the settings for banner:

  1. "TARGET" for the link — specify the window to open link:
    _top - current window;
    _blank - new window or tab (depends on browser's settings).

  2. Tracking pixel link — ADFOX pixel uses by default // If you need to keep track in other system you have to delete ADFOX pixel and specify another link.

  3. URL referrer №1 .. URL referrer №9 — specify the links to advertiser’s site. If the links aren't specified the banner will be unclickable.
    If only one link is specified and there are more than one slides so the link will be applied to each banner.
    If the link specified for every slide so each slide will have its own URl referrer.
    It’s necessarily to check if there is a protocol mention in the link (http:// or https://) for correct work.

  4. Image №1 .. Image №9 — upload from 2 to 9 slide images.

  5. Banner width (px) — specify the banner width.

  6. Banner height (px) — specify banner height.

  7. Slide effect (slide or fade) — set the effect for slides paging:
    slide - shifts the slides;
    show - changes slides through transparency.

  8. Autoslide time (sec) — time between automatic slide changing. If the valye equals "0" the autoslide is disabled. Autoslide option - to make images changing when the banner is in the viewport;

  9. Turn off autoslide on mouse over (yes / no) — specify if autosliding should turn off when the cursor is over slider.

  10. Vertical carousel (yes / no) — set the direction of slide changing:
    yes - verical changing. Navigation arrows located on the top and on the bottom.
    no - horizontal changing. Navigation arrows located on the left and on the right.

  11. Show pagination (yes / no) — specify to show or not pagination buttons:
    yes - to show;
    no - don't show. Note that navigation arrows will be shown.